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“Chris has made learning guitar fun and accessible for my son, who is really happy that Chris let's him, ‘play what he wants’”.

- Francesca S.

Chris follows the child's musical interests and nurtures the child's discovery of new music." 


- Francesca S.

“Chris has both an intuitive and a theoretical grasp of the guitar. All of this and he is a wonderful performer as well.” 

-Sharon P

“He explains and demonstrates things clearly, he adapts his lessons to my abilities and interests, he is smart, patient and kind, and he's a lot of fun!” 

-Sharon P

“My daughter loves her lessons with Chris. He makes learning to play an instrument interesting, which makes her look forward to the classes and practice in between. I warmly recommend him.” 

-Karin H.

“Chris has been teaching my sons guitar for four years, and they’ve improved tremendously. He allows them to pick songs they want to learn while keeping them grounded in the basics. I’m very impressed in the progress they’ve made thanks to Chris and look forward to continuing working with him.” 

-Gabby T

Chris is a gem! He has been teaching our 11-year-old son to play the guitar for two years. His informative, relaxed and patient style makes our son feel at ease during his weekly lessons. The best part is that Chris lets him play the type of music he likes, and that keeps our son interested. Chris can play any song my son wants to learn (even pop and rap!), and he writes the notes or tabs down for him so that our son can practice. Chris rocks!

-Claudia B.

Our 10 year old son has been taking ukulele lessons from Chris over the past 2.5 years and he is having a blast! Chris is a fantastic teacher because he creates a fun and low pressure environment where my son doesn't even realize he's in a lesson. My son has learned how to read music, experiment with sounds, play some fun songs that he enjoys, and has been able to do this over Zoom since the pandemic started. I can't say enough great things about Chris. He's wonderful with younger kids, has a ton of patience and makes it fun. We feel lucky to be a part of his program!

-Sarah H.

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